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Kim's Quitting Story

Kim, 22, Birmingham

"I really think that my mental health has benefited by me quitting smoking“

What was my smoking habit:

I struggled with mental health issues lots when I was younger. I didn’t really have a solid support system I felt a bit lost, I needed a vice to turn to that was there, and unfortunately that was smoking.

My reason to quit smoking:

My Grandad who has been an idol to me my entire life has always been heavily against smoking and I never ever wanted to disappoint him.

Benefits of quitting smoking:

I really feel free, because it's this thing that you get tied to for so long and you get grouchy and tired and irritable.

I really feel like a weight has been lifted off me in every walk of my life.

My top tips to quit smoking:

It was definitely a lot easier when you’ve got a support system, because it kind of pushes you forward, like you don’t want to disappoint them as well as yourself.

Replace the smoking with a positive thing that you’ve wanted to do. Finding happy things in your life rather than negative.