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Get Ready to Quit

Get Ready to Quit

We’re here to help you quit smoking by giving you the information, tools and support you need. Here, you will find the truth about quitting and nicotine replacement therapy. You can read our top tips, learn about all the different benefits of quitting and even calculate how much you could save. Kick start your incredible journey today!

Quit Before?

We understand that you may have tried to quit before, which is why we have pulled together some tips to help you make this quit attempt a success!

Myths about Nicotine & NRT

Think going cold turkey is the most effective way to quit? Worried about nicotine dependence? Get informed so you can plan your quit properly.

Myths about Quitting Smoking

Think quitting will make you more stressed? Think it’s too late to quit, the damage is already done? We want to give you the real facts about quitting smoking.

We understand that quitting smoking is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. These tips will help keep you motivated and on track.

Health Benefits of Quitting

Ever wondered what happens in your body when you stop smoking? Find out about all the different benefits of quitting smoking.

Nicotine Withdrawal - What to expect

After you quit smoking, you may experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms and this is perfectly normal. We have pulled together some information and tips to help you through it!

Setting up a Support Network

For some people, having friends, family or even an expert to lean on when quitting gets tough could be just the trick to stay on track. Learn how to set up your support network.

Stop Smoking Calculator

Calculate how much you could save if you quit smoking.

Smoking and Pregnancy

It will benefit both you and your child if you stop smoking when you are pregnant.

The Incredible Stories

We know that quitting is far from easy, but we’re often reminded it’s one of the most incredible things you can ever do. Discover the incredible quit stories to motivate you on the journey.