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Operation Quit

Operation Quit

Tom and Theresa are real people taking on one of the biggest challenges they may ever face: quitting smoking. Keep an eye on this page to watch them on their quitting journey.


Age: 35
Home Town: Dublin
Smoked since: 17
Cigarettes a day: 5-6
Smoking triggers:

  • Social situations such as at the pub
  • Relaxing with a coffee
  • During moments of stress

Motivation for quitting: Tom has always considered himself to be a social smoker however he has noticed his cigarette usage increasing which is making him uncomfortable. His Dad died from a smoking related illness so he wants to change his mind set and break his smoking habit.

Obstacles to overcome:
All of his friends are smokers, as is his brother so he doesn’t think he’ll receive much support from his social network whilst he cuts down or quits. He thinks the hardest thing will be breaking his associations with smoking and perhaps how stopping may impact his social life and work relationships (he’s a choreographer as well as an actor and model) when he can’t take part in this bonding ritual.

Keep an eye on this page to get weekly updates from Tom on his journey and how he is overcoming these obstacles.



Age: 33
Home Town: Tipperary
Smoked since: 14
Cigarettes a day: 15
Smoking triggers:

  • Drinking coffee
  • Stressful moments
  • Times of concentration such as work projects
  • Social scenarios with friends

Motivation for quitting: Theresa wants to be able to run a marathon in aid of Motor Neurone Disease in honour of her father who passed away from the illness.

Obstacles to overcome:
She has failed to quit before because lots of the people she is close to also smoke. This makes it difficult to stick to a new routine whilst her friends and family are still smoking.  Theresa also faces a lot of stresses in her life whilst she balances being single mum, actor, cleaner and a kids Yoga, Theatre and Art teacher.

Keep an eye on this page to get weekly updates from Theresa on her journey and how she is overcoming these obstacles.

Myths about Nicotine & NRT

Myths about Nicotine & NRT

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