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Fraser's Quitting Story

Fraser, 26, Eltham

“Now that I’m the quitter of the group, it does give me a sense of pride knowing that I can be someone else's inspiration”

What was my smoking habit?

I used to smoke when I was out and about in London, you’re hit with this life and this noise and all of these people. Its very much a trigger for me.

My reason to quit smoking:

I realised that smoking was holding me back from being a better dancer.

I teach at a few dance schools and I don’t want to smoke around them, I want to promote a healthy lifestyle for a dancer.

Benefits of quitting smoking:

My stamina within some of the numbers; I noticed that I could hold my breath and sing until the end of the songs. I noticed that I wasn't panting and bright red sweating.

My top tips to quit smoking:

It may be the hardest thing that you ever do, but its so worth it.

In the interval, everyone would smoke, so I had to replace that with something else. We made a non-smokers group.