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Sarah's Quitting Story

Sarah, 27, Palmer’s Green

I started smoking after going through a breakup and soon found myself smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day. It filled the time when I was at home alone and became a social habit when I met up with friends.

When I was smoking, I couldn’t get up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath. I love singing, but I also noticed that smoking had impacted on my voice and my breathing.

Rather than go on a break up diet or get a new hair style I decided that I would get fit. I used Nicorette QuickMist Spray every time I had a craving for a cigarette. It was discreet and just looking like I was spraying a breath spray into my mouth.

I used the money I would have spent on cigarettes on a personal trainer and I got the fitness bug. I now run three times a week and am doing my first 5k this year for a cancer charity, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do last year when I was smoking.

Quitting smoking has given me my fitness and my singing voice back.