• NICORETTE® Stop Smoking App

    We know that quitting smoking is hard. That's why we have developed this free stop smoking app - to help you make the incredible journey from being a smoker to your new smoke-free life.


    The NICORETTE® Stop Smoking App combines the latest behavioural change science with over 40 years’ worth of quit smoking expertise.


    Track your progress as it happens through personalised weekly goals and milestones. Track the amount of time you’ve been smoke free and how much money you’ve saved. Celebrate these victories, earn badges, rewards and more. Build new healthy habits and break the cycle of addiction by understanding your cravings and identifying your smoking triggers. And for when cigarette cravings get really tough, receive personalised distractions, to keep you occupied and smoke-free.


    Keep motivated throughout your quit journey by creating your own team incredible. People you can trust and turn to whether it’s when times are tough or to celebrate your successes.


    Partner with us today and let's make this incredible journey together!

    NICORETTE® contains nicotine. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL.



    Watch this video to learn more about the NICORETTE® Stop Smoking App



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