• The NICORETTE® ACTIVESTOP® Iphone app to help you successfully quit smoking

    NICORETTE® understands that smokers need help, not only with the physical side of stopping smoking, but also with the psychological and habitual issues.

    We also know how important it is to get help and advice whenever you need it. That’s why we’ve developed the NICORETTE® ACTIVESTOP® iPhone app, a stop smoking support programme for your iPhone. When you combine NICORETTE® products and ACTIVESTOP® support to quit smoking, your chances of success are increased versus willpower alone.

    The app contains a variety of tools including top tips, a progress monitor and games to help distract you from your cravings.

    For full details on the benefits of the app, visit the App store.

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    NICORETTE® contains nicotine. Always read the label. Requires willpower. Stop smoking aid.