• Myths about quitting smoking

    Stopping smoking makes you gain weight, nicotine is bad for you, and NRT costs more than cigarettes… There are a host of horror stories about what happens when you stop smoking – let’s bust those myths for good.

    You’ll gain weight if you replace cigarettes with NRT

    It’s a common fear that if you stop smoking, you will gain weight. There is some truth to this - smoking does speed up your metabolism and suppress appetite to a degree.

    But a big reason for this is because of the nicotine in cigarettes – and that’s where NRT comes in handy! Because NRT is designed to give you a controlled dose of nicotine, while helping you quit smoking.

    It’s important to remember that when you’re quitting smoking, you may be tempted to eat more for other reasons too. Some people miss the hand-to-mouth action of smoking, so find themselves tempted to reach for the biscuits more often. Using an inhaler style nicotine replacement product could help combat this.

    Nicotine is bad for your health

    Some people worry that using NRT to help them quit will be just as bad for their health as smoking cigarettes. This simply isn’t true – because it’s not the nicotine in cigarettes which is so bad for your health, it’s the other harmful chemicals such as the tar and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke. It’s these things which can lead to health problems like heart disease and lung cancer. Nicotine is what causes you to become addicted to smoking, which you can read more about here. Using NRT allows you to cut down on cigarettes by giving you a controlled dose of nicotine – cutting out all the health risks associated with tobacco smoke.

    NRT is a ‘cure’ for smoking

    Well, no, nicotine replacements don’t cure smoking. Using NRT won’t magically transform you from heavy smoker to non-smoker overnight. What they will do, however, is make quitting smoking an awful lot easier. Giving up will still require some willpower and effort, of course, but using Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray, which gives you a fast craving relief *, will double your chances of quitting smoking, and a nicotine replacement patch or gum will help keep those pesky cravings under control, so all your hard work won’t be undone.

    NRT is more expensive than smoking

    Yes, NRT costs money, but is it more expensive than smoking? It’s highly unlikely!

    Lots of people aren’t even completely aware of just how much their smoking habit is costing them – the figures can be shocking when you tot up how much you spend over a decade! The average smoker spends around €4

    a day on cigarettes which adds up to almost €1500 a year – so even cutting down for three months could save you over €350, which would go nicely towards a holiday!

    Certain NRT products may cost more per packet than cigarettes, but in the long run they’ll add up to far, far less. NRT is designed to help you wean off nicotine eventually, so the costs only apply in the short term, and just think of the cash rewards in the long run… Work out how much your habit could be costing you here.


    *Based on 2 x 1mg spray