• Without a puff Vs. cutting down gradually

    Whether you decide to quit overnight or reduce how much you smoke slowly over time, so long as it works for you, you’re onto a winner. Here are the pros and cons of both methods…Stopping Completely


    Quitting smoking completely means you’ll feel the health benefits of quitting smoking more quickly. Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette your blood pressure and pulse rate will return to normal. Just 72 hours on you should start noticing improvements in your breathing and energy levels, and after 2-12 weeks your circulation will improve .

    Deciding cigarettes are completely off limits means you can throw out all smoking-related paraphernalia. Banish ashtrays and dispose of all lighters. Hopefully, out of sight will mean out of mind, or at least help keep temptation to a minimum.

    Going cold turkey with cigarettes doesn’t mean you have to go cold turkey on nicotine. Remember, it’s the nicotine in cigarettes that makes them addictive, but the tobacco that’s associated with all the major health risks. Nicotine replacement therapy products, like gum and Invisipatch, are designed to give you a controlled dose of nicotine while cutting out the health risks of tobacco. Studies have found that smokers who use NRT products are about twice as likely to successfully quit as those who use willpower alone.


    Stopping completely will test your willpower to the max, and it’s perfectly normal for this to make you irritable, frustrated and a bit snappy for a while. NRT products could help you manage your mood swings though when cravings come. Gum is a good option for dealing with cravings quickly. Or for a steady release of nicotine throughout the day, try the Nicorette Invisipatch.

    Quitting smoking isn’t easy, and if you pledge to give up overnight it is best not to take even a single puff after you have passed your quit date. But if you find yourself giving in and having a sneaky cigarette a few days later, you might feel like you’ve failed, which can be a big blow, don’t give up tomorrow is a new day. Using an NRT product will help you manage your cravings making this less likely to happen.

    Going cold turkey can be daunting and you may feel your only hope of doing it successfully is by changing your social habits, like going out with friends or for after-work drinks with colleagues, in order to avoid temptation traps. If you are a social smoker, a Nicorette Inhaler – which will give you that hand-to-mouth action some smokers crave - could help you stay on track and not miss out on your social life altogether.

    Gradual cutback


    Cutting down means you’ll still be smoking some cigarettes but gives you the flexibility to reduce your habit bit by bit. Some people find they can give up their morning cigarette quite easily, but they can’t resist the craving for a post-lunch smoke. Once you’ve identified the times of day when your cravings are at their worst, how about chewing some NICORETTE® Gum or sucking a NICORETTE® Cools Lozenge to cool your cravings and help you cut down even more.

    If quitting smoking feels like an impossible task, cutting down gradually may help you realise that you are not powerless – and you can in fact take positive steps to stop smoking. Think about it, if you manage to cut down from 20 to 10 cigarettes a day, that’s half way to total quitting. Focus on that achievement to motivate you to cut down even more, and NICORETTE® products are there to help you when the cravings hit.


    Slowly reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke can be a good way to quit, as long as you actually do end up quitting. It might be easy once you’ve got down to two cigarettes a day to think, ‘Oh I’ve done pretty well, I might just stop there’, and never actually end up quitting. If this happens, swapping some cigarettes for a NICORETTE® product will help you wean off nicotine slowly, while keeping you on track to quitting. The cut down to stop method is designed so that you will make a full quit attempt within 6 months.

    Cutting down slowly means you’ll still be damaging your health and looks to some degree, and puffing away your income. Make sure your efforts don’t hit a stalemate by setting targets to cut down more and more each week. Having NRT products on hand will make this easier.