• What type of replacement suits you?

    Smokers aren’t all the same – so neither are the products designed to help you quit smoking. Whether you have a 40-a-day habit or can’t resist lighting up at the pub, there’s a Nicorette replacement for you…

    The Heavy Smoker (More than 20 cigarettes a day)

    When you’re a heavy smoker the thought of trying to stop smoking can seem a bit overwhelming. But whether you want to slowly cut down your daily cigarette count or attempt to quit smoking altogether, a nicotine replacement can help you to battle your cravings. For a no-fuss option that will last all day, try NICORETTE® Invisi 25mg patch. Just stick it on in the morning and over the next 16 hours it will give you a controlled dose of nicotine. If you’d rather tackle the nicotine cravings as they hit, NICORETTE® QuickMist is a suitable replacement. Spray one or two sprays in your mouth when you feel the need for a cigarette and it instantly releases nicotine to help quickly relieve your craving.

    The Social Smoker

    Can you easily resist smoking all week, but crave a cigarette when you’re out socialising with your partner, friends or colleagues in the evening? It sounds like you’re a social smoker. Often it’s just the action of smoking or having something to hold that social smokers really crave, which is where the NICORETTE® 15mg Inhaler comes in handy. Using the Inhaler mimics the action of smoking and gives you the nicotine needed too. Alternatively you could try NICORETTE® QuickMist which starts to act in 60 seconds* and easy fits in a handbag or pocket to help control cravings.

    *based on a 2 x 1mg spray

    The Stressed Smoker

    Some people really crave a cigarette when they’re stressed or anxious. To stop smoking, the ‘stressed smoker’ needs something that gets nicotine into the body…fast! NICORETTE® Cools lozenge cools your cravings and makes quitting less of a stress. If you’re smoking more than 20 cigarettes when you’re out you might need a 4mg lozenge, and 2mg for those smoking 20 or less, to curb the craving.

    The Dieting Smoker

    Sometimes people don’t quit smoking because they’re worried they’ll put on weight. Quitting smoking won’t necessarily make you pile on the pounds, but if you are worried that you’re going to replace your regular cigarette breaks with trips to the biscuit tin, the Nicorette Gum and Nicorette Cools lozenges are a good solution. The gum comes in four different flavours and the lozenges taste of mint. Trust us, you’ll smell a lot better when you swap a cigarette for this nicotine replacement!