• Mark Cooper ’s Incredible Story

    At NICORETTE® we’re always on the lookout for incredible quit stories. We know that quitting is far from easy, but we’re often reminded it’s one of the most amazing things you can ever do.

    When Mark Cooper quit smoking he didn’t quite realise the effect it would have on his life. With a determination that requires us all to take our hats off in respect, Mark has achieved some truly remarkable things since he became smoke-free.

    Discover his incredible achievement here…

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    Meet Mark

    Mark Cooper

    Age: 32

    Hometown: Edinburgh

    Biggest Achievement: Quitting smoking and completing my first 10km run!

    Smoking habit: 20 a day

    Mark lives happily with his wife Ferelith and their two cats.

    “I realised I wasn’t happy with my life. Quitting smoking was a big part of changing that, but it also gave me the confidence and determination to change lots of things.

    Whether it’s 50 marathons in a row or 50 yards more than you did yesterday, what it comes down to is not the magnitude of what you set out to achieve. It’s whether you finish the damn thing or take the easy way out”.

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    “Friends and family have been so important in helping me to stay motivated to never go back to cigarettes.”


    Mark was paid for his story and all opinions expressed are his own. To find out more about Mark, visit www.runwithmark.com

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