• The Incredible Quit Smoking Journey

    At NICORETTE® we know that quitting smoking is tough, even with added New Year motivation. It can be a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but it’s one of the most incredible things you can ever do. So we decided to follow two amazing quitters as they pack in the cigarettes for good. We join them on a journey that culminates with our quitters undertaking their own incredible physical challenge. But they won’t be alone. Nicorette will be teaming them together with health and fitness gurus for additional support and they will have friends and family along the way to spur them on.

    Latest Videos – Watch the Journey so Far

    Episode 1

    Episode 1

    Tony and Tavy embrace the challenge of quitting smoking. They meet Ian Male, a personal trainer, who will be helping them with their fitness while quitting.

    Episode 2

    Tony meets Crumbs to experience the benefits of improved taste and smell, as well as the importance of healthy eating while quitting smoking.У

    Episode 3

    Episode 3

    Tavy learns about how to look after her skin and the effects that smoking could be having on it long term. She also finds out what her incredible challenge is going to be!

    Episode 4

    Join Tony and Tavy as they embark on their incredible challenge in the Alps. Learn from their experiences as they talk about their personal tips to quit smoking.

    6 months on

    Tavy is still smoke free! She reflects on her journey to becoming smoke free, her day to day incredible moments with her girls and she gives practical advice on how to avoid a relapse.

    6 months on

    Tony is still smoke free! Back from his incredible trip touring the US, he reflects on his quitting journey, the benefits to quitting smoking and gives advice on how you too can finally quit for good.

    Meet The Quitters


    Age: 38

    Occupation: Full time mum, recently sold a successful fashion PR Company

    Location: Homerton, East London

    “I pledge to quit smoking for good. For my health and my looks, but also for my family and kids and hopefully realise my dream of running the New York Marathon “


    Age: 36

    Occupation:  Public Services

    Location: Hertfordshire

    “I pledge to give up smoking so I can seize the day and take opportunities when they arise, to be able to go on more incredible adventures, to be healthier, to be fitter, and to look better."

    Meet the Experts

    Crumbs Food

    Food Bloggers

    Claire and Lucy are two women who like to cook and love to eat. They have both smoked in the past, so are well-equipped to give healthy eating advice to help Tony and Tavy along their journey. They have written recipe books crammed full of cheats and shortcuts to make cooking from scratch really easy.

    “Keep imagining yourself as a non-smoker, with healthier lungs and sensitive taste buds. Hopefully you won't want to destroy this lovely image with a sneaky fag and the rank taste of smoke!”

    Ian Male

    Personal Fitness Trainer and Motivational coach

    With a background in swimming and athletics, Ian pursued a career in the health and fitness industry and became a Certified Personal Trainer. Over the last eight years he's worked at various health clubs and run Boot Camps and Group Fitness Classes around London.

    “Before you start, have a clear goal and be as specific as you can. Don’t just say you’re going to quit, put a date on it. This eliminates any excuses you might make in a moment of weakness.”

    Caroline Hirons

    Caroline Hirons

    Skin Care and Beauty Expert

    Caroline has worked in the beauty industry for nearly 20 years. She is trained in over 100 brands and is a globally qualified advanced facialist. Her blog is a skincare addict’s bible and her tell-it-like-it-is delivery makes you feel like you’re speaking to your best friend.

    “Your first priority skincare-wise is to hydrate the skin. Use balm cleansers, spritz with floral waters and use a water-based moisturiser to seal the moisture in. Do this twice a day for maximum results.”